Issues cutting foam with 5.5w laser

trying to cut 6mm EVA foam and i’ve been able to get the speed/power settings down, but still having issues getting my shapes completely cut out. First picture shows the front, second shows the back (partial cut). I’ve tried it with multiple speed and power settings, but it is still the same section of the shape that doesn’t cut.

See also below, regarding the shape of the laser dot


this might be the most frustrating thing about a diode laser… i’m still trying to figure out how to get past this issue… would it cut through of you gave it a few more passes? Also are you using air assist?

I’ve gone between 3-5 passes with different combinations of spd and power but doesn’t seem to make a difference. The cuts i posted were at 600mm/min at 90%, 3 passes I was able to get similar results at 700mm/min 85%, 3 passes. The point being i dont know of reducing speed/increasing power is really affecting anything at this point.

Do you think if I i created another layer with the laser lowered a few mm, it may cut through?

No actual air assist (since I dont have one yet), but for the purposes of testing to find good settings, I tried the cuts with a small personal fan blowing air at the material (about 6 in diameter fan) and without, again, didn’t seem to make a noticeable difference.

It just seems like a lot of work for a relatively simple cut…

You NEED air assist to cut, and it should be a pinpoint with some pressure to it. a fan blowing over your work is not air assist!

I sortof agree with Tim, Air assist is pretty much a must - has the advantage of preventing fire flair ups but mainly to clear the path of the laser from previous burn deposits.

Anyways until you get this can you try speeds/power/pass of 100/85/4&5, 200/85/5&6 , 300/90/5&6
I’ll make you a test file

Try this cut test sheet, you can change power and speed for each layer and it will auto update the text info as i’m using variable text (cool feature of lightburn) But do try cutting your foamcore at those slow settings – i’ll try the as well tomorrow – with and without air assist for you,

test cut with variable text.lbrn (78.6 KB)

You need to click preview to see the actual text :wink:

Yeah, I know a fan isn’t air assist, but I figured it was better than nothing, or at least would help me narrow down speed and power levels. Ill try the suggested settings tonight or tomorrow and see how it goes

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oh wait this is not foamcore – 6mm ok that’s thick i sure hopw lower speed will help as your laser did cut nearly through all around… Just saw on amazon 6mm EVA foam mainly used in cosplay… would need to buy some to test – sorry for now won’t be able to test this on my end.

No worries, at this point testing more speed and power configurations might be the best option, just to see if it completes the cut

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