Issues Engraving Coated Tumblers

Working on a project to engrave some coated tumblers.

In the first image, you can see how we want it to look. Engraving right down cleanly to the metal. This was done on an Epilog engraver.

On the 2nd image, you can see the results when we use lightburn on our 100-watt Chinese model laser. It doesn’t cleanly engrave down to the metal. I can’t quite figure out if this is a setting somewhere to fix it.

The 3rd image shows what I mean in a little more detail, as well as the what appears to be melting at the beginning and ending of the engravings.

Any help is appreciated…

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Are all three tumblers made by the exact same manufacturer? The coating on the last one (Green) looks to be different then the first.

One of the difficulties with powder-coated tumblers is that the laser settings vary depending on the thickness of the powder coating, which can vary between style, brand, and even color. Under-power won’t burn through all the coating, while over-power can blast away fine details of the logo.

What’s the power and speed of your laser?



Sasquatch is dead on. Not all tumblers are the same even in same brands and sooner or later you are going to trash some.
Also, clean it before condemning it. Start with purple power and magic eraser. Don’t get too crazy with the acetone. If that doesn’t do it, use acetone and magic eraser. If that doesn’t do it use a fine scotch guard pad. Depending on how much you scuff the powder coat, you may have to polish it.
I have saved a number of cups using these steps.
Good luck.


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