Issues setting up a file to run with pass through

Trying to set up a pass through file is not going so smoothly for me, hoping someone can provide the step in missing after watching the limited videos out there that exist.

I set my file up and created a shape (a square) around the portion that will fit into the bed. Selected the image, then the shape and then chose “cut shapes”. But instead of slicing it through and leaving the cut edges open for the purposes of continuing the cut, it completely closes and makes two independent shapes.

What step am I missing here?

The photo is an example of what it looks like now. And granted, this is two simple lines that I could easily delete to open the design up, but

I have 6 other files and some of them are incredibly intricate.

Can’t see from the photo but I assume you have the layer set to Fill mode. That’s the behavior you’ll see when using “Cut shapes” on a filled layer. If you change the layer type to Line you will get the behavior you expect.

I’ll add another photo with my layer settings as soon as we’re back home but I glanced this morning on the way out the door and it was, set to line. So that being said, I’m still at a loss for what ot would be

You’re saying the layer being cut was set to line? If so, that’s very odd.

Can you upload the .lbrn file that you’re modifying or save a copy leaving just the one shape that you’re trying to cut.

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