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I too have had nothing but trouble since the last 2 updates! Now I have to literally reboot my system after every single job. For example, I’m trying to work on settings for a glass award, I did the first burn and then I had to reset. This is for EVERYTHING I do… I’m really getting upset;


I’ve made your post into its own thread, rather than piling on someone else’s while I’m trying to help them.

When you say you have to reboot your system, why? Is it freezing, not communicating, or something else?

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It simply says “Lightburn is not responding.”

Can you share your LBRN file? Awards are often different and can require different workflows. I’m interested in seeing what’s going on and trying to help.

It’s just not on awards, it is on everything I do .
I will video it and send it. Thank you!

Curious, and for further clarity…

So, this is happening now in 1.1.03 with files that were working in which version?

Was an unusual job done (like a rotary) in between when it worked and when it stopped working?

Can you share a file that makes LightBurn hang?

I’m trying to attach a video. What is going on, when I’m working on a file and I go to change the settings such as speed / power it freezes. This is is on EVERY DARN FILE. If I run a test run, and then try to change my settings, it locks and gives me the message “Lightburn is not responding.” I have to shut everything down and start back up again. It took me hours today to do a simple project. I even tried to delete it completely from my computer and reinstall. No luck. Version 1.01.03… and the one before this version.

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Are you using a shared directory or a cloud storage backup solution?
I believe that you are having this problem and I don’t understand what information a video might bring.

I"m not using cloud, but I am using a new external storage. The video will show how it locks up.

Perhaps move some files to local storage and try that.
There is a file previewer that can interfere.

How new is your new external storage?

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I removed the external storage and had no problems all day. But now I darned sure do not want to keep all the files on my computer.

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You know, now that you’ve asked that question, I had another one that all of a sudden was acting as though it had a corrupt file on it… it was just out of the blue, and I had not downloaded anything else. Could it be that it’s almost full? ALL my laser files are on that drive… Not being able to use it has caused me a great deal of heartache! Thank you for the great response.

I’m not sure where I’m supposed to respond, but somewhere someone mentioned having an external memory system. (I’m sorry, I’m computer stupid, so I’m not sure what it is really called.) But it was an external hard drive to backup and keep files. That was the problem! Once I removed it, no more problems with light burn. So Thank You for your attention to the matter. By the way, I’m investing in a fiber laser… YES!!! When will LB be ready for fiber lasers?

I have heard Second Quarter 2022 from reliable sources.
There’s a lot of excitement around this and I’m looking forward to it as well.

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