LightBurn problems after upgrade

I have just updated to the new software update version and now nothing works like it should . Lightburn keeps crashing and cant find my laser. Its a nightmare!!

This is probably a myth gotten out of hand, but let’s try it:

Close LB and hold down the left-shift key while restarting and see if it’s still broken

I’ve moved your post to your own thread so we can address your concerns more clearly.

Moving toward clarity may involve some of these ideas from the Software team:

I have an OMTech 130 laser Co2 1400 x 900mmm working area. I updated to the 1.1.03 software version of lightburn. I have a Rudia controller running on Window 10 format. This has never happened prior to this update. When I run the find my laser button… it seaches about 40% and then crashes.

Thank you for capturing this. I’ve made the ask about the Crash report.

Can you try holding Shift and clicking Devices in the Laser window?
This may bypass the ‘Find My Laser’ step that seems problematic.

What is this meant to do? It’s not immediately apparent from trying this.

I’m still seeking clarity on it - but if i understand it correctly it will go to an existing profile without Find My Laser and may bypass the libusb (USB library) that is (rarely) problematic.

If it does work - there will be a “found xxxxx” message on the bottom status bar, saying it found the controller.

Manually adding the Ruida Controller ‘should’ work as well.

That did not work.

I had the rotary plugged in when I updated… then the rotary would not work properly. So I unplugged and removed the rotary and put everything back to the way the laser was without the rotary and nothing has worked properly since. Everything is plugged back to the way it was and all connections are plugged in properly.

Did it crash differently or did the actions taken have no effect?

The next thing to attempt may be ‘Create Manually’

From the Laser window, click Devices (bottom left), in the pop-up window click Create Manually (second row from the bottom). Then, in the next pop up, wheel down to Ruida and click that - then you have a serial USB connection option. Most folks are advised to start with Serial / USB. Add the X & Y axis lengths in the next window and the origin location in the following pop up, then you should be set up.

If you click the “Devices” button in the lower-right, do you see your laser in the window that comes up? If you do, you have a laser configured already, and finding it again will do nothing for you.

Saying “nothing works as it should” gives us no useful information to help you. What is it doing that it shouldn’t be, or not doing that it should be?

For example, if I say “My car doesn’t work” that’s much less to work with than “When I turn the key, nothing happens”.

So far you’ve said “nothing is working properly”, but that tells us what it isn’t doing. Tell us what it is doing, and we can start figuring out what’s gone wrong.

So my LB kept crashing too. Someone asked about the fact of whether or not I was using cloud or external hard drive. Yes, I was using an external via usb for storage. Removed it… problem solved! However, now what am I supposed to do with all my files? I don’t want to keep them on my computer.

After using them with LightBurn, copy them to the external drive.

You’re saying that just saving from LightBurn to an external USB was crashing? We’ve seen issues with network sync apps, like DropBox and Google Drive, but not with just saving files to an external drive.

What is was doing was not framing properly… not moving to a proper location with the button from the software. One of the axis movements would moving very very slow, but the other two axis planes would move fast. It would go all the way to one end and try to keep going causing the machine to make very horrible noises. So I tried to reload the device to see if that would reset things. The point is that prior to this upgrade in software…It worked as it was supposed to…and after the upgrade it is like everything is out of whack.

I saw the crash, in fact, the image is still in the thread up above, so posting it again is just clutter.

The best thing to do would be to install the previous version to see if it’s still doing it. If it is, then the problem is likely not the update, but something with the machine itself, and the timing would be a coincidence. (This happens surprisingly often)

Click here to find an older version to install the one you had before, if you don’t still have it.

Honestly what you’re describing sounds like one of your homing sensors might’ve moved, or isn’t working correctly. Try installing the previous version and let me know what’s happening from there.

Did you turn off rotary mode in the software? The rotary setting is remembered by your controller, so if you didn’t turn it off again, that is likely the entire problem.

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