Issues using print and cut

Trying to use the new Print and Cut feature and have the options “Set first target position” & “Set second target position” greyed out in the menu.

I’m using an Emblaser 2 and wondering if there is another step before selecting the target positions needed to enable this function?


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That’s it - Just make sure that the selected object for each target is one single object. If you make a cross-hair, for example, group it, so it is a single object.

OK. Let me paraphrase with you on this.

Take your designs nd make it one group, cross-hairs and all, so that you can select the whole group and then you can set first & second position.

Does this mean you have to cut out the cross-hairs during a process?

Only group each individual set of cross hairs, that’s it. Click on cross-hair #1, then click set first target position. Click on cross-hair #2 then click set second target position. Thats it. Make sure you using “Start From: Absolute Coords” in the laser window (bottom right of screen)

What I meant was that each cross-hair object has to be “one thing” that you select. If you draw two lines for the cross-hair, you have to group those two lines so they’re a single object when selected. If you select two things it rejects it.

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