Issues when engraving file. X axis not constant


Hi. I have a strange problem that I need help on. My laser is 1000mm Y and 1500mm X. I use Lightburn with a Trocen AWC708S. My system has plenty of power and there seems to be no slop with the belts etc.

If I engrave a picture using the scan orientation of zero the X Axis seems to creep back and forth.
However if I engrave with the scan at 90 then the image is perfect.

I have experimented with speeds, changing the NEMA 17 for a NEMA 23, verifying the number of steps per mm
All to no avail.
Does anyone have a suggestion.

what is the acceleration of the X axis?

200mm. I upgraded to a NEMA23 in case it was this.

Also what speed should I tell Lightburn to move at. There is no issue on the Y axis with the same settings.

by acceleration I did not mean the speed, but how fast the laser accelerates from 0 - Xmm / s, this value is the Acc. and if this is too high, the stepper loses steps, it looks like yours.

Hi Andreas. I found the problem.
Because nothing I was doing re settings was changing the issue I decided to swap the X and Y drivers. And that showed me that the X driver was faulty.
I replaced it with a spare and the axis is rock solid

Many thanks for you assistance

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