Issues when using FILL + LINE

First post here. Using a 90Watt AEON Nova 7 Laser with Ruida controller.
When using the Fill+Line option with speed at 400mm/sec power 20% on 3 mm plywood I have been experiencing some difficulties. Most times the function works correctly where the engraving (Raster) is fine and then the LINE function then follows and I get a nice crisp result. You can see the Line function appears to have very little power as expected.
However every now and then when using FILL + LINE the Line function then appears to be at maximum power and it cuts through.
Is there a setting I have missed?
Thanks in advance

Should always read the instructions! I have had a better read of previous similar requests and think I have solved the problem. When the larger CUT screen is showing I can see the settings for FILL + LINE in the lower left hand corner.
Will try tomorrow. Would appreciate a reply anyway.
Thanks again.

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Yes! I had the same issue, it really is ambiguous until to test with preview what each section actually does.

I had changed the name of the lower settings block to be just “Line Settings” already, as I noticed the ambiguity as well. It will be in the next release.

Thanks OZ.
Appreciate the prompt reply

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