Issues with 90deg corers overshooting on DXF import

Hi All,

I’ve been having a vexing issue when importing from SketchUp (as DXF, Parallel projection) where the corners once imported in Lightburn seem to “overshoot” each other, even though they are connected before import. I can edit the nodes but there is 120 odd, and this is not particularly complex of a part. I’ve tried auto joining, closing all shapes, nothing seems to resolve the overshoot. In sketchup, i tried different project setting, grouping parts, making components, nothing seems to change how it ends up. Any thoughts?

Can you upload the DXF file here?

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Test.dxf (106.8 KB)
Sure can,

Ignore how out of sorts it is, just trying to work out what’s going on

It appears that Sketchup is putting some type of “cropmarks” into the file. 5 of them are 1mm long, and the rest are 1.0111mm. I put them on a tool layer in LB.
Test.lbrn2 (70.7 KB)
Test_RRU.dxf (107.7 KB)

Thanks Ralph,

that certainly explains it to a certain extent. How do you separate them onto a tool layer? I’ve never used tool layers before

I actually imported the original DXF file into Draftsight, and then selected all lines that matched the lengths I described. Then changed them to a different color. Then exported the DXF that I attached, and moved the red “cropmarks” to a tool layer.

I would see if you can turn them off in Sketchup. Or change them to a different color in Sketchup.

I will go have a hunt in sketchup :slight_smile: Thanks very much for your help!

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