Issues with Adjust Image vs Preview

I am having issues adjusting images. I am looking to do colors on a tile, topped with black paint, so my Image will end up being inverted.

Here is the original image.

Here is the image when I adjust it in Lightburn. I dont see the image updating on the main window but read in other forums this is expected behaviour and I will see my adjustments in the Preview.

Finally, this is the image when I go to Preview (TV icon)

As a newbie to lasers and Lighburn, maybe I am misunderstanding. But when I look at the white face in the Adjustments, there is some details around the eyes, mouth and horns. The Preview shows just pure white and those details go away. Can anyone please advise?

I ran the image through Imag-R and the results when I preview them in Lightburn are what I expect. Same settings, DPI, etc. Only difference is this image was adjusted in Imag-R, the image Im unhappy with was in Lightburn.

Imag-R picture, previewed in Lightburn

May be my default setting of “Pass Through” being active. This is the first image im trying to alter without using Imag-R so that seems to be the culprit. Still playing and leaving this post for others

Hi, I tend to use only lightburn so not sure about the ‘pass-through’ but all the settings you need are in the ‘shape properties’ tab which if you zoom in on the project, you can see the adjustments as you change them or you can use the’image adjustment’ window as you’ve been doing.
I use both.
It’s a ‘Huge’ learning curve of trial and error and lots of fine tweaking…but well worth the effort in the end :thinking: :+1:

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