Issues with boxford bgl690 and lightburn

I have an issue between lightburn and the boxford. if i put a drawing top left i get slop ussues, also if i centre text using the centring tool it does’nt centre on the work.
many thanks

Is your origin in the device settings correct?

The coordinate system uses start from and job origin together… these are in the laser window. How are those set?

Screenshots of the art and settings would be nice…

The dsp is stating that executing the job will run the head out of bounds from overscan… does it tell you which axes…?

Use the preview screen and enable show traversal moves, that will show you overscan…


thanks for the reply, i will check all those settings tomorrow when i’m back at school

Please share a picture or two of the results that you attribute to slop.

This is likely mechanical backlash or Scanning offset.

You’re also welcome to share the LightBurn file for comment here if you’re interested.

If I’m following @andyallen correctly, the Ruida is issuing the slop error. Don’t know anything else that uses that terminology.

If it’s backlash, the controller has no clue what the backlash is or that it’s even occurring…

So I’m thinking the slop issues must be how he’s sending to the machine… especially with this wording…

I would think the scanning offset adjustment would be included with the Ruida code and be taken care of…

You have a better clue as to what’s happening at a lower level within Lightburn …

@andyallen – what are you using for the start from and job origin values?


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thanks for all replies, i will get some screen shots to help clarify the issue, at the moment i can’t the activation code to work as it comes up as running inside a virtual machine , i have contacted support and and waiting on them to unlock so i can use it!

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