Issues with Cricut Programs utilizing SVGs exported from Lightburn

We are exporting SVGs from Lightburn and trying to use them in other programs such as the Cricut software. We had another person try to print the SVG we exported, but they are unable to make it work. Is Lightburn using some non-standard SVG formatting that we should be aware of? Including a screenshot of our convo with a friend that’s trying to use the file. I know you can’t troubleshoot the Cricut side, but are there some other options for exporting SVG to avoid issues?

Well, Lightburn is not designed to modify SVG’ for other programs. Keep in mind that Lightburn has logic in it that tells it that if you have vectors inside of other vectors and they are the same line color on a fill, that you exclude those areas from fill. SVGs dont do that unless you have done a Boolean subtract.

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