Issues with Curves

When I cut curves on my Mac I get unusual straight lines. When I use the same file with a Windows machine it cuts perfectly rounded. Any suggestions?

I can’t figure out how to post pics to show you the issues?

Do you have this set the same on both systems?

yes. Both are the same value as yours

We would like to compare both machines if you are willing. With the same file loaded, select ‘Help’→’Generate Support Data’, which will copy the results to your system clipboard.

Paste that to an email ticket with a link to this post, and send to support at lightburnsoftware dot com for our review. Please do that for both machines and we will take a look.

Two emails sent one for MAC and one for Windows.

Also sending another picture of a circle file I cut several times that was not round and then cut fine from Windows. Be on the look out for it as well.

And just to be sure, using the exact same file on both systems generate these different results, correct?

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