Issues with engraving with Laser on Slate

I have a 5.5W CNC 3018 Pro and am trying to laser on slate to get a white look. I am brand new to this all and have kind of mastered some wood engravings but so far with various settings, I’m not getting the white that I see with slate coasters etc on the internet. I have just purchased some roof type slates to experiment on but am not getting the desired results. The engraving is visible but it more of a dark grey or just gives the look that the logo has been etched into the slate lightly. I have not pre-treated the slate in any way. As I’m a rookie, I would love to receive detailed instructions on where I am going wrong.

Hello Mark,
I also laser natural slate from time to time.
I use a 15W diode laser. The results are mixed.
I spray my slate with different paint colors, after laser cutting I wash the slate off with a thinner.
Everything that was lasered sticks.
My laser data are 1000 mm / min and 85-95% power.
I’ll attach a few tests in pictures.
I hope it helps you.
I wish you success.

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