Issues with LightBurn camera

So far the LIghtBurn software has been fantastic but adding the camera has had it’s difficulties.

I installed the LightBurn 140 degree 5MP on my Boss 2440 and I can’t seem to get the camera to focus properly. As shown in Camera 2 image, this is the best I can get after a great deal of time focusing. As it shows, the circles that are barely seen are quite heavy black, drawn with a Sharpie on white card stock. It fails to see any cut lines even though they are quite dark. The 2 circles to the right are “Fill” circles and can be seen. The camera is 36” above the bed and I might be pushing the cameras resolution at that distance.

Also, in the Camera-1 image I’ve circled a portion of the LIghtBurn software that I don’t understand. Can someone explain the function of the Width and Shift setting. I can’t find an explanation in the documentation. If I change those settings, I assume the “Save Settings” button will save them and they will be automatically inserted each time I use LightBurn.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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