Issues with new install

ok I have a elksmaker clone it was all up and running using my laptop on a trial. I decided to move stuff around in my office and now have hooked to my tower with a fresh DL and trial of lightburn . it found my laser and I did auto set up. now when I try to jog the laser all I get is growl I think it might be speed settings or something but not sure. like a fool I messed with the settings for speed in the move window and don’t remember original setting.
so 2 things
how do i either reset the software or how do I make things work

Drop the speed in the Move window down to 50mm / sec - that should be possible with your machine. If it’s growling like that, it’s the stepper motors skipping, either because you’ve asked it to go too fast, or your acceleration settings are too high (or both).

Turns out the new cables I bought for the steppers were wired wrong

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