Issues with printing on tile

Hello all, go easy on me, I am pretty new to this. I saw some tiles printed and was sold on the idea. the issue is the print is not coming out as expected. I tied a few ways and they did not show well at all. I got Gimp and “Da Big Gimpin,” The laser is one of the red Chinese lasers. I am getting vertical lines in the print. But I am not see the lines in other things I am printing.

The picture does not show all the lines, but you can see some in the pic. the funny thing I found is when I tried tied to invert the image with Lightburn it show the lines when I exported the image.

Here is the output from Gimp.

Gimp inverts the image for printing on Black painted tiles. I am using white painted tiles. I used the wood option in “Da Big Gimpin” as it does not invert the image. I was not sure if that was what my issue was, So I ran it again as tile and was going to use Lightburn to do the swaping the image to a positive one. Now below you will see that the exported image from Lightburn shows lines in the image.

Looking for any thoughts on this…
Thank you

Like you, I am new to this, but I’ll throw some things that have worked for me. I only bought the DA script a few days ago. I have an older version of Photoshop, so I am using the DA script for it. It may be different than the one for Gimp.

  1. First, make sure that you have the latest version of the DA script. I know that he has released one just recently.

  2. Make sure that you set the resolution in your image software to 300 before you size it.

  3. In the Photoshop version, I don’t get an option to choose tile or wood, so I don’t have the inverse issue. From the DA videos, I understood that you can simply choose not to let DA invert the image. You may want to look at that.

  4. If you cannot choose to have DA not invert the image, then, as you say, tell LB to invert it back.

  5. Make sure to save as a bmp with 1 pixel resolution.

  6. Make sure that you have “pass through” set in LB.

  7. You will need to play with speed and strength in LB to obtain the best results. I am using a speed of 60ipm and a strength of 70 to get good results on white tile painted white. YMMV.

thank you for your response. The versions are just downloaded so they are the latest version. I did miss the pass though step. I will give that a try.
Thank you

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