Issues with text

Can anyone tell me why this is happening? It all looks good until I try to do anyting. If I try to convert the text to path it happens. If I just try to preview it, it happens. I’ve tried several different fonts, it keeps happening. I am curving the text using the little handle that’s located on the text itself after you get done typing it. Thanks!

Never mind, I figured it out. There is a text control that was set on date/time, and it needed to be set on normal.

Yup - I was just about to say that. It’s Variable Text mode - it’s really powerful, but it’s confusing if you didn’t mean to enable it. In your case the capital ‘H’ was hour (16) and the A is the AM/PM marker (showing as PM) followed by the T and then 16 for the hour again. And so on.

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