Issues with tracing

I’m using the trace tool for the first time and adjusting the threshold setting. Lower I get the lighter details traced and higher I get the darker details traced but what if I need all of the details? Can you combine the traced objects or is there another way to grab the lighter and darker areas together?!

There isn’t a simple way to do it, I’m afraid, but you can trace the same image multiple times, and change the Cutoff & Threshold values to get different parts of the image each time. If you set each result to different layers you can run them with different settings to help keep them clear in the output, or you could just run it as an image with one of the various dither modes, and just use a trace to cut out the result.

Changing the Cutoff value can help too, like this:

What is it that you’re hoping to do with the final product?

I’m doing custom logo engravings on wood handles, similar to a baseball bat handle on grilling tools ( There will be text on the handles (simple) and logos/images, etc. on the knobs. People can submit several types of files so I have to be able to convert for engraving. The logo in the image is one that we created for the website.

Appreciate the responses!

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