Issues with update to 0.9.22 - camera and Ruida

I have two computers, i am using both Windows 10.

The one i upgraded to 0.9.22 is not connecting with my Ruida RDC6445G through ethernet and also removed connection to my lightburn (90mm) camera connected through usb. I am trying to reconfigure the camera but running into problem communicating with the controller. I am able to ping the laser machine from the computer, so i know the Ruida is connected to network. I am also able to access the camera through windows application so i know the usb connection works. Both were working flawlessly before upgrade.

The other machine is upgraded to 0.9.21 and able to connect to ruida controller via Ethernet from lightburn. I don’t have camera access to this machine since it is in a different part of the house.

Thinking of downgrading back to 0.9.21 or 0.9.20 to get the camera back.

Nothing at all changed in the camera code of 9.21 / 9.22, so this could be a Windows update issue. Try rebooting the system to see if that helps, and check that LightBurn has permission to access the camera in your security settings.

It’s also not uncommon for Ethernet connected controllers to drop every once in a while because something on your local network decides to take the IP address, but let’s start simpler - is it a straight cable, or are you going through a router / switch / adapter, WIFI, or anything else? Ruida’s network protocol is very simplistic, and I suspect custom. The changes from 9.21 to 9.22 touched nothing in the connection system, or communication - it was all code in the editor itself, nothing in the comms or machine profiles, so this is very odd.

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