It is not burning on all the surface

A part of the text is not burn
When I redo the burn it is another area tha is not burned

I find it strange that it’s so inconsistent. It looks like maybe your mirror is moving out of alignment as it moves in X, but I don’t understand how it then comes back. Maybe check that your mirrors are all snugly in place, so they can’t shake around during the cut?

Is it possible your X rail is somehow curved?

Doubt you have mirrors to worry about…

Does it look like the laser is firing when it’s over that areas with no damage?

It almost looks like a mechanical issue, where’s it going out of focus (seems unlikely) or something interfering with the control signal to the laser module.

Does it appear to be firing in the failure area?


I noticed that it is even before the burning. When I do the preview select area the blue light sometime disappear. And also the origin is not correct. when the arm arrive at the edge it trying to continue
How can I do a complete reset

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