It's ridiculous that variable text Max Width isn't scaled proportionately. Who thought of this?

Trying to understand when designing this feature why they would have a Max Width but then it just squishes text because it doesn’t scale proportionately. Who wants that??
There 100% needs to be a way to set a max width or height and have it scale proportionately so the text isn’t warped.

I’m wasting so much time having to click 165 text items and manually set the width to 2" at the top so that it scales correctly.

That isn’t even remotely a solution. I have a folder with names from orders that is already over 1000 different unique names. then when I get an order of 150 names, Im supposed to search every single name and drag and drop 150 names?
That is the opposite of a solution.
The solution is make max dimensions scale appropriately not distort

Perhaps you should ask politely for a change on a future upgrade - these are excellent people but personally, if it were me, I’d use your current request as toilet paper due to the rank attitude.

In the meantime, you can perform what you’d like to do in illustrator and directly import into LB via copy/paste.

Rather than come here and berate us out of the gate for doing something ridiculous and asking, “who thought of this?” perhaps asking, “hey, would it be possible to add…” would be a better way to catch our attention.

If you’re here to complain, great - do that. If you’re making a feature request, do that instead.

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