I've been messing with Glass and Mirrors

So I thought I’d throw this out there.
It’s amazing how much fun you can have with junk from the Dollar Store.



Great effects, this is engraving the back of the mirror

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I used a similar operation, then painted it… here’s a few, one without paint… These are 12" mirrored tile from Home Depot.

I like your mirror holders :crazy_face:



I also do a lot of mirrors, and paint the backs… turns out very nice. Once in a while I screw up and forget to reverse the image, but old age gets me once in a while. Nice job.

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Yes… just enough to remove the mirror plating and frost the glass a bit.

It’s what I had handy. (mirror holders)
I also picked up a pack of 12x12’s at Lowes… they are even more fun.


Oh the fun you can have with a few scrap pieces of walnut, a piece of scrap glass from an old broken pane, left over paint in a rattle can, and a pack of fairy lights!

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Nice. I just picked up a couple USB rechargeable LED strips… now I have to get out to the table saw and work on some shadow box ideas. :grinning:

Going to try this now myself thanks for the info

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These turned out really nice. For those adding paint, is the process to just add a black/darker colored paint to the back of the mirror prior to removing?

This gives me an idea for a mirror we have here that has a brand name across it I would like to remove.

Did this one for my Son’s place of work.
Was simple to snag the logo text and it came out looking very “Officey.”


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On post #3, with the photo, the one on the right bottom is the way it was lased, on the back, then the paint added, resulting in the top right photo…

The color one, had the areas masked out… pretty easy with that design…


For the ones I’ve done with paint, it was applied to clear glass then let dry completely. I then lasered off the paint. This process was done in open air not in an enclosure.

Can you please let me know what speed & power you use?
I’ve tried engraving wine glasses and have not had any success. Different videos I’ve watched suggest paint, tape etc. do you use anything? Or any tricks you could recommend I have 20 W laser

Thank you

I am going to try to do some engraving as you have done, but was wondering about the paint in the back of the mirror that the laser will burn. The Art Center where I do the work is always concerned about toxic fumes. Not sure about the type of paint or covering used in mirrors. Can you share any information regarding this topic. Thanks.

Jim, how did you hang that mirror? It looks a bit far from the wall for command strips.

I have a couple sign projects I’m designing now and have been pondering various hanging options. One is going to need either wire or keyhole. The other is supposed to be super clean and modern, like yours and I’m having a hard time deciding.

My son actually hung them with some type of interlocking metal rail… double sided tape to the mirror piece and screws into the wall piece. Clean looking in my opinion.

I don’t know much about what the material coating is on the back, but I can tell you it made no smoke or odor whatsoever when it was etched off.

I’d have to look at one of my last files to be sure, but I recall 180mm/sec and about 25% power to get a nice soft etch on my glass products. Too much and the little micro-chips that occur are too aggressive and don’t look ‘frosted,’ but instead quite coarse. I also do not use any paint, soap, or pre-treatment on my glass stuff. Maybe I’m just getting lucky with my settings.

In my opinion, with glass, less is more.

This was a simple square glass vase I found in a garage cabinet and thought, “I could engrave that.” So I put my logo on all four sides.

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I have Every Man Jack in my shower caddy! hah.