I've got some wobble

Hey guys,
I’m new here - hoping you can help. I have a blue china 50w laser. I’ve had it a couple of weeks, and I’ve been testing/setting it up with good results so far. The other night though, I started getting a “wobble” when I cut diagonally. Horizontal and vertical lines are straight. Previously, I did not have this issue. I have attached a test cut photo - it improves slightly when the speed is slowed down. I’ve also attached a photo of a fractal tree I did the other day with no wobble issues. My first thought was belt tension, or is it possible that the laser tube loosened up and is vibrating a little bit?

Thanks for any tips!


Here’s the fractal tree…

Make sure the lens isn’t loose in its holder.

Thanks Hank. I did check to see that everything on the lens end was tight, but I will double check it.

Search here for threads on tightening the set screws/grub screws.

Hank - where do I send the check! Thanks - the lens was indeed loose. The threaded ring that holds the lens tight was not touching the lens. Thanks a million!

Thanks for the suggestion. I will check that out, since it seems to me that the tension one one side is not the same as the other.

Heh… glad that helped. I’ve been a victim of “loose locking ring” before and have seen the weird waviness that comes from having the lens bounce around in there.

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