Iwatch bands laser engraving


I want to buy an engraving machine, but I don’t know which one is right for me.

I want to engrave on Apple watchbands.
They don’t like difficult patterns, just text.
I want a DEBOSSING pattern (attach a picture)
Can you recommend machines? Of course I’m interested in a cheaper machine.


Hi, did some myself a few months ago, i was using the LM2 20watt(advertised as 20w but i believe it’s 5.5w) worked great.

Thank you!

do you have a picture?
Many people say only CO2 machines are good

Hi Robi, didn’t bother with pictures as it was just a one-off for friends but i believe it was someone on here where i first heard of it.
Worked great on my LM2…
‘Full engrave apple watch band.’ type that in the search bar at top of this screen, video there also.