J tech Laser on but not cutting

Hey all! I’m new to the laser space. I have an XCARVE and bought a Jtech laser to attach. I know the laser is working because I’ve turned it on (outside the software) and it almost started burning my material. I set up the software, and and pushed start. The XCarve runs the path, and the laser is on, but the only evidence of burning is on the corners of paths- nothing else.

Please help!


This is a good walk through for setting up your gear.


And, Try setting $10=0 - I think the JTech article is still missing this.

I experienced something similar when setting up a new laser. Basically, there are two power ranges: 0 to 255 and 0 to 1000. It’s a matter of personal preference which one to use but it did confuse me. I had my board configured to use 0-1000 steps but the software(it wasn’t LB though) thought 0-255. As a result, setting max power just gave me 1/4 of max power. See if you have the same issue.