Jarvis Dither vs Greyscale

Alder wood

Left is LightBurn jarvis…simply import photo into LightBurn…adjust with LightBurn "shape proprieties " tools…maybee 2 minutes

Right is LightBurn Greyscale…approx 15 minutes prepping in Paintshop…Pro//greyscale needs attention to midtones …yada

Both same settings

1200 mm/min20% power 0.07 interval

2.5 watt Eleksmaker

Both approx 75 minutes

100 x 100 mm

Bulldog, you done it again. That looks great.
I was about to ask you a dumb question but I found my answer.
You have mentioned several times about LB shape properties that I was never able to find in LB. Again I looked and found it hid behind my camera window. Duh. Now I have new tools to work with. Thank you.

You can select an image, then right-click and choose “Show Properties” and it will open that window and bring it to the front.