Jarvis vs Greyscale

Jarvis Dither vs Greyscale

Maple wood

All prep done in LightBurn

1200 mm/min 50% power 339 DPI

105 x 105 mm

90 minutes

2.5 watt Eleksmaker

Greyscale is very!! hard to dial in

Ohhhh NOOOOO where these your last two pieces of wood @Bulldog? Now what are you going to do?

Not a fan of the greyscale it’s too soft/muddy for me. Jarvis wins this contest for sure. Compare the reflections of the lower eye lashes in the pupil to see what I’m talking about.

Try doing an unsharp mask on the image then send it through greyscale mode.



1 piece 5 inch wide 3/8 in thick x 4 feet left
trying another eye
Lowes up here wants 90 cents per tile and NO delivery

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Is Peacock lumber doing curbside delivery right now?

rememer too unlike many people I photograph end results 5 inches from hi def camera…I sometimes see stuff from photos I didn; se from lookinf at in hand…makes me better

as yesterday totally shut down…https://www.peacocklumber.ca/