JCZ fiber not showing in device list even though already set up two JCZ lenses

Hi everyone, I’m trying to add another lens to lightburn devices. I previously managed to successfully add my JCZ fiber 175 lens (now I have 100 lens & 175 lens). However, now, I am trying to add my JCZ fiber 70 lens and when I go to duplicate devices, the JCZ does not appear in the list of lasers or controllers.

Any suggestions?

I had the same problem.
Ok so after some tinkering i solve this problem.

First of all i export my device profile to safe location.

After that i select all device’s in lightburn and remove them one by one(depends if you have one on more profile created before).

Then i restarted lightburn.

( I tried to restart everything before removing profile with no luck)

This fix problem for me .

(Removing device profile was a key for me)

I was able to detect my my device.

I also import previously exported device, and from now on i can duplicate them to add new lenses.

Hope this helps someone.