Jeans Gravieren (Jeans Engraving)

Kann man mit einem CO2 Laser Jeans gravieren?

Can you engrave jeans with a CO2 laser?

Yes, find some old pants and give it a try. The settings are of course dependent on your machine but in general, relatively little power and reasonably fast movement.

Kindly suggested, translate your question then we do not have to do it and people will be more willing to answer. :wink:

Like we all do with any new material…
experiment. :slight_smile: Start low power, fast and go up from there until you have the desired result!

Not only with CO2, but also with Diode Laser.

Hi. A bit old post, but adding some info :wink:
I’ve done some test and engraved some jeans.

  • The jeans must have the cotton thread white. The blue or black tint must be on the outer fibres of the thread so you laser remove these outer fibres and discover the inner white. (In some jeans the tint fills the whole thread so you can’t get contrast)
  • You must be careful with the power to remove those outer fibres but not damage too much the thread or you’ll broke them and the jean will start to break at this point. Even testing it, the results vary a lot on diferent jeans.
  • On some jeans I got a good engrave but after some time using them they started to vanish as the tint on threads near the engraved ones goes to the white area and the image fades. (when washing)
  • My best results? Black jean throusers with aramida reinforcement (Used by bikers) They engraved clear and with no damage (after doing tests) and the image stay clear even after washing several times.