Jig part alignment

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putting this out there in case somebody has a solution.
I current have a jig for engraving multiple coasters in one go…the jig has two alignment marks for the print and cut feature and 20 holes to engrave on
The issue i have is that the coasters aren’t EXACTLY round - they are roundish but not exactly round and not exactly the same size either
In my mind i have some facility to align the coasters around a the Centrepoint of the cutout for the engraving, however I’m not sure how to achieve this other than to eyeball it - which as we all know is hit and miss at best
Even using the camera is hit and miss because the camera is angled to the bed and seeing the "edge of the coaster (19mm thick) is somewhat difficult with the camera
so i wonder if anyone does something similar and how to acheive a desired outcome


@jkwilborn has a great template. The best thing about a template is that when it’s very nearly the same height as the workpiece the optical error caused by the difference in elevation disappears when you lower the bed to the new focal height.

I use this setup for most items… it’s relatively simple and reproducible. I do have locating holes in the lasers metal bed.

Basic setup… this is for 4.25 X 8.5" porcelain tile…

This is for slate coasters… I have one for six coasters also…

In your case, you’ll probably have to pick some type or orientation … meaning if the objects are elongated, you might have to place it in the jig with some orientation…

I’d check out the center of the object and see if I could think of some reproducible cutout…

Generally what you need is two contact points… further apart the better…

Can we see what you have for objects?

Good luck


this is what i have been using…it works but there are some limitations

Given that the irregular perimeter isn’t related to the geometric center, eyeballometric alignment is the only way to go.

Engraving concentric circles on the fixture will help you align each coaster in its pocket, similar to this layout guide for a smashed glass coaster:

Then you can easily (*) insert the coasters with their center point pretty nearly centered in the fixture, by eyeballing the part of the circles visible around their perimeter.

(*) For moderate values of “easily”.

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