Jigsaw puzzle from irregular shape

I have watched several videos on how to take a square or rectangle picture and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. But how do you take an irregular shape, like the state of Louisiana, and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle? I want the puzzle to maintain the shape of the state.

Start with:

  1. Outline of state shape
  2. Standard puzzle design that’s larger than the state shape but scaled at the desired size of piece


  1. Make sure puzzle is grouped to a single object
  2. Align state shape over the puzzle so that the pieces align to where you’d like them on the state
  3. select puzzle, then add state to selection
  4. Tools->Cut Shapes
  5. This should leave you with one set of puzzle pieces in the shape of the state, and then everything else
  6. Remove the “everything else”
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That did it… Great explanation! Thanks so much…

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