Jittering after the head turns from vertical to horizontal movement

Hi friends! Please see attached pic, there is a visible jittering while the laser head changes direction from the vertical to horizontal movement, immediately after the turn, everything ok on slow speed but appears on medium and high, any suggestions how to fix it please? Thanks

PS: could it be because of the table with the laser slightly unstable, and laser head reacts to the table vibrations ?

Check wheel tension on laser module mount that connects to gantry. Tighten eccentric nuts on the wheel shaft to close any gap. But take care not to overtighten.

Only if this causes the material to move at a different rate than the laser itself. If your laser is shifting or the material is shifting then you can certainly have problems. I suspect they shouldn’t show up with these symptoms however since it’s an oscillating artifact.

I’ve had this exact same issue. The head assembly on my machine is a bit flimsy which I can’t see how to tighten.

When the head is coming toward or going away from you (Y axis), then suddenly stops to go along the X axis - the sudden stop causes the head to wobble and still wobbles slightly (across X) until it settles.

When moving, the head assembly also has more mass when traveling along Y because it also has to move the X rail with it. This assumes the image you posted is looking at it from the front. (X is across).

Try the test again and have a good look and take note of the travel direction compared to your cut line.

The only way (so far) that I’ve been able to eliminate the issue is to run it at a slower speed and lower power. Not ideal, but worth a try.