Job complete notification for Ruida

Don’t want to hijack the thread but can you link me to more detail on how you use the Ruida controller to handle ‘done’ notifications? I’m running Ruida lasers (two machines with 1 operator) and want to send a notification to a Python script and a light when 1 of the machines is done. Currently I’m just constantly clicking the “Get Position” button and reading off the XY of the head (not great, but it works).

Then don’t. I’m sure they won’t incarcerate you for posting a new question. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if the controller actually tells anyone via the USB or Ethernet port if it’s done.

If you search the site or google ‘lightburn api’ it might turn up something. I don’t know if it even knows.


It was just your comment:

that piqued my interest as I thought you meant you had a solution for OP that would only work with Ruida, which I am interested in hearing!

Is that for me?

EDIT Okay. So this is part of the hijack. Asking to keep this one on topic and start a new thread. Not trying to be rude but I am trying to figure this out. Thanks

All Ruida controllers have a “Status” pin that I think is active low… can’t remember for sure. There’s plenty of threads on this forum talking about hooking into that status pin. Wait for it to indicate a job is running, then watch for it to switch back - now you know it’s done.

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I tried to make the Ruida do that. Prob is, if the head is near the start point, there wasn’t even enough delay for the pump to get air flowing out the nozzle before starting, and it’s just an aquarium pump, it doesn’t build pressure. But the head could be firing in under a second.

The exhaust fan takes like 3 seconds to spool up, and a small delay for the flow to reach the laser too.

Weirdly, while Ruida has the Status output, there’s no parameter to delay the start of the job. So Status pin might work for triggering a solenoid right near the laser from a tank already pressurized, but nothing that needs even a small lag time.

You are correct the ‘Status’ sinks when the machine is in ‘run’ mode. You could just trigger on the rising edge, has to be in the ‘run’ state to go high…

Building lots of things, can’t imagine I’d think to put a settable delay in the start button. Usually you want it to start when you push the start button.

I use one on my dishwasher to let it run a low energy cost. But that’s hours…