Job Complete notification

I know this has been brought up multiple times, but I’m going to do it again.

A job complete notification is no different to a countdown timer. I am in the same room as my job, but I cannot hear the laser movement over the fans running, and my enclosure does not allow much/any laser reflection out, so I can’t notice when it’s not shining blue anynmore. Being able to have the computer chime when the job is complete will bring my attention back to the lightburn software and allow me to run more cuts in less time.

The countdown timer already provides the ability for people to set a timer and leave (“Hey Siri/Alexa - set a time for 7 hours 15 minutes and 28 seconds”). Adding the ability to play a sound at job completion will save me that step. Why not make it a button that has to be clicked every time with a warning that comes up telling people they are responsible for monitoring their own laser engraver?

Have you made a feature request?

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