Job finished alert

Is it possible to make lightburn cause the computer to make a sound when a job is complete?
(Windows 10, Smoothyware/GRBL)

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I’m pretty sure it’s not a problem to make this feature but I’m just as sure that LightBurn (Oz) will not implement this option. Anything that can promote the operation of laser machines without supervision, including live video with the integrated camera system, will not be supported. It is a sensible security policy and completely understandable by me. Hand up all of us who have tried a small open fire in their machines …, it happens, not so often but it happens.


I’m not using your configuration but the Ruida controllers have always issued a series of beeps (from the laser)when the job finishes,

NEVER let the laser working while you are not arond!!! There is always a BIG chance that there will be a FIRE in the machine!! As a firefighter I will no!


It’s very possible to do, but we won’t do it, for the reasons Bernd mentions above. A laser should absolutely never be left unattended, and any feature that exists solely to assist in doing that will not be added.


Enough said?

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