Job Orientation as compared to RD works

I have a 500x300 Chinese laser (50W) with a Ruida controller. I’ve been running RD Works and am trialing Lightburn- so far, I really like it.

One thing that is confusing me is the orientation for home. My laser’s physical home position is the back left as you look at the table. I have my device origin and job origin both set to upper left in LB. When I do an engrave, if always starts at the bottom right. Is that normal expected behavior? RD Works will start the engraving at the upper left (per the origin point). Any outline cuts seem to work normally. Thanks!

This is intended.

Engraving in LightBurn defaults to bottom-up, as most machines exhaust in the rear, and pulling smoke across the freshly engraved area is more likely to deposit soot on the piece.

In the Fill or Image settings, change the “Scan Angle” to 180 to make it engrave top-down.

Thanks @LightBurn; that’s what I was looking for. I pre-mask everything generally so the smoke isn’t as much of an issue as being sure I know where the engraving will start. Thanks again.

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