Job Origin weirdness - what is the "Job"?

What is “the Job”, as LightBurn understands it?

I have 1 item selected, other items on the same and other layers not selected, “Cut selected items” turned on, “Start from current position” selected, but the green Job Origin indicator moves about nowhere near my selected item as I choose the various positions in the grid-of-9-dots.

I can have nothing selected, the preview will warn that nothing will cut, but the green Job Origin moves around whatever it thinks the job is as I choose the various positions in the grid-of-9-dots.

Environment: setting up a new Ortur LM3 to replace a dead Emblaser.
Brand new install of Linux Mint 21.1 xfce version.
Brand new trial install of latest LightBurn.

I’ve been bitten by this Job Origin thing in the past, but this time with everything new, I was being extra careful, so I was horrified when the brand new laser took off and slammed into the side rail when it should have been doing a simple test cut in the middle of its work area.
(at least I know the Emergency Stop button works!)
That’s when I spotted that the Job Origin was way, way down to the left of the one simple shape I was planning to cut, NOT anywhere near what I considered to be “The Job”.

So, is this a weird misunderstanding on my part of what “The Job” is, or is this a bug?

Most likely the former but let’s explore.

Job origin by default applies to all objects in workspace, not just your selected object. If you want job origin to only apply to selected objects you need to also enable “Use Selection Origin” in Laser window.

OLM3 and LightBurn should prevent or warn of all crashing scenarios as long as the following are observed:

  1. You home the machine before use
  2. You never manually move the machine by hand post homing. Meaning you use the jogging controls in Move window exclusively
  3. You have soft limits on in GRBL configuration which is by default on that machine
  4. You have “Enable out of bounds warning” enabled in Edit->Device Settings
  5. Don’t ignore any out of bounds warnings when starting the job

I assume you violated at least one of these. If you believe you have not, can you further elaborate on your setup and also provide a full screenshot of LightBurn with the design loaded and ready to burn?

I suggest reviewing the LightBurn documentation on the various Start From modes. There is also a video on the subject.

Coordinates & Origin - LightBurn Software Documentation

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