Job Queues, Multiple Pages, & Automation

Now that rotary table support is available in Lightburn I’m wondering what the possibilities are for setting up job queues. I engrave hundreds of items daily, for the most part every item I produce is unique. For example I often engrave drinking glasses, each glass has a unique design & personalization. Because the designs are unique the variable text feature isn’t an adequate solution. I’d like to load up a queue capable of processing one file/design after another using my rotary table.

One idea I had was to use the layers panel as a makeshift queue. I can load each design on a separate layer and toggle the outputs to process each one individually. I’ve already created scripts to automate the process of placing artwork in individual layers but now I’ve got to automate the process of enabling/disabling layers. Scripting the action would be fairly simple if hotkeys existed for controlling the cuts/layers panel but I can’t seem to find that functionality.

Are hotkeys for enabling/disabling layer output available?
Is scripting functionality or multi page support coming anytime soon?

Maybe my approach is overly complicated?

Those are all great ideas! LightBurn currently doesn’t have a queue system - to do per-run customization of text your best option is the Variable Text feature: Variable Text in LightBurn - LightBurn Software Documentation

Though, that wont work with the designs, as you mentioned in your use case. We do have a HotKey Editor: Hotkeys - LightBurn Software Documentation and you can select individual layers with it. Look under the ‘Cut Palette’ section, that may work well for you

We welcome all ideas for new features over at our site here, so we can keep track of what is most desired by our community: Voting System for New Feature Requests - Fider

Are you sure layer selection via hot key is working? I tried it repeatedly. I could assign shortcuts but they didn’t seem to function. Ultimately even if I were to get that functionality working the option to enable /disable layers via hot key still isn’t available.

Actually… It functions differently than I thought. It does not select a layer, it assigns a selected object to a layer.


If that works for your process, great! If not, please submit it to the site above! :slight_smile:

It did help some. I need to do more testing but my scripts seem to be capable of performing the automation I’m looking for.

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