Job sent doesnt always burn

Hello all,

OI have been having issues that when i send a job via cat5, the job runs but doesn’t always burn. I have to take the image and copy to a new file and sometimes that helps but not always. After reboot the machine and PC it will often help but not always. I am able to use the pulse and it burns fine, so i am kind of stumped. Would love some ideas.

Thank you!

Check if storage on your controller is full. If full, remove files to recover space.

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I only have one file on the drive, the one i want to burn. Thank you for taking time to reply.

The Ruida controller stores files that are sent to it. You may wish to explore the quantity and sizes of files in the controller on the HMI at the engraver.

The Ruida controllers are known to demonstrate and offer some fairly strange behaviors when the on board storage gets full.

What you’ve described sounds like and reminds us of similar ‘ghost stories’.

Let us know what you discover.

The board has been formated. I only have one job on the controller

Are you still experiencing an issue after clearing files?

Also, is this a new laser for you or something that’s been running?

Also, can you clarify your symptoms. As I understand the laser head moves but the tube does not fire. Is that correct?

How reliably can you recreate this issue?

If it’s very reliable try saving RD file and then transferring to controller through USB drive. If that doesn’t address the issue it’s likely not a communication issue. In that case either a hardware failure or something in the design if this is a new laser for you.

This is not a new laser had it for a couple of years now. I format the drive and i send the file via network cat 5. Some time i have no issue, but then again today trying to send some simple text it will not burn, however the pulse does.

Try transferring by USB drive. If the problem persists it’s something on the controller or hardware side. If the problem goes away then something is hindering communication.