Job starting problems

(Franco Azzolini) #1

Hi All
I just replaced my desktop with win7 with a laptop with win10.
With my old pc I liked the idea to start the laser in the center of my work piece.
I am almost 100 percent certain that I followed the LB instructions exactly, I did it twice!!
I can not get the green dot to position in the center as it is now positioned in the left bottom corner.
Also when I start the laser the machine will move to the back left corner.
In “Move” mode my machine is jogging correctly L+ R B + F and UP + Down !
I also have my table size set to 380mm.x 380mm
I would definitely appreciate any help!

(Oz) #2

You likely have the Start From setting as “Absolute Coords” instead of user origin or current position. Read here:

(Franco Azzolini) #3

Thanks Oz, green dot :slight_smile: is fixt.I still have the problem with going out of the boundary
Like mentioned before, I have the tables size set to 420x420mm and I get the message: Cut might be out of bounds.
Thanks for your time.
PS: Can somebody tell me if the limit switch has to be installed for LB to function correctly?