Job stopping at exactly 1 hour after start

Hi. I’m running LB on multiple computers that control multiple lasers. I have an Avita Mangus windows 10 tablet that is problematic. The job stops exactly 1 hour after it starts. At this time the laser stops moving. The Timer keeps counting up but the progress bar does not progress any further. No popup error messages appear. I’ve checked the power settings on this computer and USB ports, hard drive, screen saver… everything power saving related is disabled. What makes me think it is software related is that the jobs stops exactly one hour after I start it, even if I Continue to interact with the computer after job start. Definitely not a laser issue. I can run long jobs on the same laser by using a different controlling computer. Any idea what might be going on? TIA.

There’s your answer, right there.

That’s not an answer. That’s a workaround. I included that statement because it isolates the issue to either settings on the Avita or that particular LB install.

It might be a power policy or thermal limit on your USB port. You might be able to isolate that if you use a powered USB hub between your tablet and the laser.

Could the USB port be set to sleep to save power. You might find something in the power profile settings.



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