Job stopping randomly in middle of jobs

HELP! I have wasted so much material. I have read the forum, done the “fixes” …uploaded the latest fix on OS and its still stopping in the middle of jobs randomly.
What can I do to fix…I stopped and restarted…its not working

I don’t even get an error message. If I try to run another job it says its busy or that its working on something…ugh.

Let me guess… you’re using a mac and connecting via USB.

If so, this is a known problem and a search for mac + ruida + usb will get you to a thread(s) discussing it.

If you know you’re having a problem, why are you wasting good material?
I always do troubleshooting with scrap cardboard or other “free” material. My friends at Amazon and Chewy provide me with plenty of material for testing purposes. Once I’m confident that “all is well” then I’ll put my expensive material on the table.

Yes, and I’ve searched read through the threads—
And— it works fine on one project and then quits in the middle of another— all random. So even when I use test materials it doesn’t help…

Id love some helpful advice…

Ah, if you’ve read through the threads then you know that mac/ruida/USB does not work reliably and that your best bet is to use ethernet.

In addition to Hank’s suggestion, we are also working on a hardware solution called LightBurn Bridge. We are currently in beta test and are hopeful to release very soon. You can read more about it here: Intro and Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

Hi, this is my personal experience and I am not sure if this method is good for you or not, I also had exactly your problem, I tried different methods to solve the problem and in the end the problem was solved with this method:
I connected the machine to the computer using a USB HUB and everything went well.
I used this model:
HUB-54 USB 2.0 HUB

I have this problem with my laser.
I’m running windows 10 and it’s connected via Ethernet.
To avoid this issue, I never run a cut by using lightburn to start the process. I always send it to the laser, then start the cutting from the screen on the machine. Hasn’t cut out mid cycle since.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

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Thank you! I’ll try that!

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