Job wont burn above 5ma

hi my nova 35/100w will not go above 5ma on any job this happens in lightburn 9,24 and rdworks can pulse 27ma and the pulse test file from thunderlaser usa works fine i.e.increases in all step up to 27ma but simple square set speed 10 power 60% will only run at 5ma any ideas

Hi, so if I’m reading this right, even if you go above 60% let say to 100% power the Ma will still only get up to 5. And your speed is 10 Inches or mm per second or min? I read that Ruida controllers which I believe you have in your thunder laser have a “Start Speed setting that is usually set to 10mm/s as the default. At or below the Start Speed the controller defaults to the min power level,” try cutting at 11 or 12mm/sec or increasing your min power setting.

hi alex
thanks for replying russ sadler replied that min power set say to 15%then that power is related to speed thus a 10mm/s you will onlyget15% power (5ma) which i was getting thus in CUT mode you should make max /min the same so when i set my min power to the same as max the problem was cured again thanks you were on the right lines

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