Job won't start get g code message

I’ve loaded lightburn and set up the laser machine (Ortur LM2) The machine homes and seems to move as expected. I load a program, hit frame and it moves and frames the area to burn. When I hit the start this is what I get Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block. On or near line 7:

I have no idea how to get the G code to review it let alone fix the problem. Can someone help me out?

This should help, “If you have a GCode based laser, these buttons will save and run GCode files.”: Redirecting...

I searched for these exact words and got the following. Could this be what you are experiencing?

Go to Edit > Device Settings and double check that the M7 / M8 air assist toggle is set to M8. Lots of versions of GRBL don’t support M7, so if you bumped that, it could be the problem.

If that’s not it, draw a simple box. Click Start, and if it fails, press the ‘Save GCode’ button, and attach the file here. I can look to see if there’s something else you’ve enabled.

Thanks, switched to m8 and machine homes and goes thru cycle with no issues.

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