Jog button modifier error

I put a comment up here about the jog button modifier over 8 days ago and did not get a response so I investigated it myself. It would appear that on the Mac where you say to use the Control key to modify the behaviour, it is actually the Command key. There is either an error in the fly-over text, or the keyboard shortcut.

Here is the original.

Thank you for the followup. Where did you see instructions to use the ‘control’ key on a Mac for move increment adjustment? That should be correct or, at a minimum, clarified to remove any ambiguity.

Here you can see in our documentation, we show both Windows (Ctrl) and Mac (⌘) Hot Keys, side by side, separated using the “/” key. Hotkeys - LightBurn Software Documentation


  • Arrow keys move the current selection
  • Shift + arrow moves in large steps
  • Ctrl/⌘ + arrow moves in small steps

It’s on the tool tip when you hover the mouse over the arrow it brings up the text

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Thank you again. This is an issue with how ‘tool tips’ are rendered when using the development platform we use to provide support for multiple Operating Systems. This is being investigated further to find a way to display the ‘⌘’ for Mac as well as the Windows hot key in the tool tips, but this is going to take some time. :slight_smile:

Why not use CMD for the tooltip as Mac users recognise that as ‘⌘’

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