Jog moves in reverse direction on the x axis

Jog moves in reverse direction on the x axis but the right way on the Y with the continues jog button on. With it off all works in the right direction. Also the set laser position button move to some different origin to start. I don’t know if these are related to each other.
Equipment Boss Laser HP 3655
light burn ver is 0.9.24
System ver AWC708C
Thank you

Thank you for reporting this. For clarity, you are saying that if you turn the ‘Continuous Jog’ button to ON (green), the direction of the X Axis changes to the opposite behavior, moving left when you click to move right?

Additionally, would you please rephrase the quote above? Not following this exactly. :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right on with the jog direction. I think on the laser set position I have to just manually move my work to line up with the red orientation spot. Thank you.

I have figured out the red dot but am still at a loss on the jog running backward

Thank you for your help

Good afternoon,
Is there any settings that I should look at try to correct this jog function? Thank you.

Please excuse the delayed response. Investigating deeper, I have found that we have seen this before with Trocen controllers. Thought we had this fixed. If you will, please save and then email your ‘Machine Settings’ for this controller to, along with a link to this post for context. We would like to try and reproduce here, using your settings. :slight_smile:

Good afternoon,
Did you get my email of my machine setting?
Thank you
Neil Larson

We did and have it set for review from the dev team as mentioned in my reply to that email. Nothing further to report at this time, but it is assigned and on the list to review.

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