Jogging and speed issue / Print & Cut with AWC708S

Hi all,
I use Lightburn since a couple of months and thankful for this great software.

Using AWC708S controller with the Lightburn move panel, I also have the mirroring issue, but with the X axis instead of Y.
Also, I’m not very sure but I don’t think the movement speed adjusts correctly, too. Setting it down to 1mm moves like 3 at least. (holding down shift or without, when pressing the arrows on the movement panel)
I have discovered this issue while I was testing the Print & Cut functionality - there’s not a very detailed tutorial about it and I was just trying if I should use the movement control panel of the software instead of the controller, but off this topic, I couldn’t set the “Start From” to Absolute Coordinates or anything else than “Controller Setting”

When you say “there’s not a very detailed tutorial about it” - Have you read the documentation?

It’s basically step-by-step, so if you don’t feel it’s detailed enough I would be interested to hear what is missing.

For jogging on Trocen, the controller itself decides the movement speed for jogging moves, so there isn’t much I can do there except disable the speed box for entry.

For the jogging direction, is this happening in continuous mode, or in ‘discrete’ moves? If you jog from the control panel does it work properly? Which version of LightBurn are you using?

hi Oz,
Of course I read the documentation - sorry if I’ve been misunderstood, I simply admire your work and efforts with the software. Regarding what wasn’t enough, I can say that I couldn’t figure out how the practice would be for setting the target positions for Print & Cut… If I should use the software panel for the movement and then set or I can move the laser via the controller and each time press Get Position on the software and then set the targets one by one. Since I’m a little bit behind the understanding of the practice, but not entirely the theory, I’m still not sure about it. However, there’s one bigger problem I’ve encountered, as mentioned, I can’t change the “Start From” from “Controller Setting” to “Absolute Coordinates”, it doesn’t give me any other option. (screenshot attached)

Regarding the jogging issue…
“Set laser position by clicking on the page” tool looks like functioning completely correct - didn’t try changing the movement speed, if there was such an adjustment.

The mirrored X-axis movement happens only when Continous Jog is turned on at the Move panel. When it’s not clicked, the movement direction is correct at all axes.

The version is the recent one; 0.9.14 and the machine is connected via ethernet

If you need more info I’m open to provide.

Best wishes,

The moment you click ‘Set Target xx’ the software queries the position of the controller for you, so you are free to use either LightBurn’s movement functions or the controller, or both. As long as the laser is centered on the target position when you click the ‘Set Target’ command it will work.

Trocen controllers do not have the option to set the working mode from software - you have to do this from the controller menu. Press ‘Menu’ on the controller, then ‘Common Parameters Setting’ (7), then ‘Work Mode’ (4), and then you can choose ‘Origin Mode’.

Key Origin is User Origin - the origin key on the controller sets the origin.
Soft Origin is Absolute Coords - the software chooses the origin point.

Print & Cut worked perfectly after setting the Work Mode on the controller to Soft Origin and following the steps in documentation.

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