Joining Line and Fill

High community, I have a quick question, I am trying to put a single letter inside of a 2 inch circle. I would like for the letter to be raised up over the circle. I have the letter cut/layer set to line and the circle cut/layer set to fill. The order is set to cut the letter in line mode first, then the circle fill second. When I preview it, the a does cut first and then the fill of the circle layer completely covers the letter. For example, I am wanting the letter to be higher than the circle so it could be used like a “stamp”. I haven’t found a way to keep the letter separate from the circle fill.
As always, thanks from all of the help from everyone in the past.

This is using LB 1.1.03

I’m not certain if I’ve completely understood the desired outcome. But sounds like you want to burn the area defined by the space between an outer circle and an inner letter, but not the inner letter itself.

If so:

  1. Draw circle
  2. Type letter and position in circle
  3. Make sure both objects are on the same cut layer
  4. Set layer to fill


If this is not what you meant can you clarify where my interpretation went sideways?

Thanks so much for the quick help today, That worked perfect, I had two layers in there some how. Thanks again PY, I appreciate the help.


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