Joining lines together created by pencil tool

Good evening, just a simple question I hope.

Is there a simple way to join 2 or even more lines together (other than relying on snap to grid) like a auto join or a close path option

These 2 lines are drawn using the pencil tool as separate lines but in reality I want them as 1 continuous line but its not possible as i need to carefully measure the lines i am drawing to build a very accurate model.

on one slide they look almost as if they are joined together at normal magnification but when you zoom in you can see the real lines and they are in fact very far apart. I want them eventually to be 1 line,

I may also want to add more lines using the pencil tool and drawing another line to an exact dimension and adding it to these lines either vertically , horizontally or at an angle.

It will at the end be 1 line but while I draw it I want to be able to control it as if I am drawing with a ruler and pencil measuring as i go along.

Is it possible to achieve this please?

thank you.

Mac OSX Mojave, mac book pro, laser K40 GRBL MKS motion control card., also win 10, Lightburn latest version always.

How about this:

I’ve drawn two lines:

Moved and intersected them:

Selected both of them and clicked node editing:

Then hovered over the pieces I want to TRIM and press the T key:


And with the two segments that remain, ALT-J to auto-join them

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Also, I noticed your lines are not straight / parallel to your X / Y grid lines:

Using shift while drawing with the pencil tool will lock the angles for you.

Rereading your post, I realized I illustrated trim to you and that wasn’t really what you were asking about. So consider that detail extra. Everything else applies. Just draw your lines, snap the end points together and Alt-J to join them:

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Thank you very much for that, a great explanation which I needed, I realise the original lines were not straight, I did it in a hurry late last night, it was more the example of just joining than anything else and seeing what a huge difference it was by magnifying.

I really had not realised that the gap would be so big between 2 lines, until I magnified it and then realised what the error was.

Thanks very much I will adopt this way of doing it now.

Kind regards and compliments of the season to you and your family and please stay safe.

Neil Scott

I have just tried it and it works perfectly, that is really super helpful of you to explain in the way that you did. Now I can build my model how I want to.

Thanks again


No problem. One more tip:

Thinking about your process that you explained, if you need an angle on a line segment and you know what that angle is, it is better if you start with the proper line length drawn horizontal or vertical and then from there, rotate the line the desired angle.

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Thankyou, that really helps as well…

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